Syre is a tokenless protocol designed to provide Transaction Surety and make sending cryptocurrencies worry-free through:


Frequently asked questions

Syre is a tokenless invoice based protocol designed to make sending cryptocurrencies easy and worry-free. It is blockchain agnostic and easy to implement while providing users with peace of mind for every transaction.
No, Syre has been designed to minimize bloat and be as easy to implement as possible, thus it has neither it's own blockchain nor it's own token.
In a nutshell it is an extension to transactions. This means that any current blockchain out there which supports appending data to transactions should be able to support Syre. The blockchain-agnostic nature of the protocol allows for multi-currency wallets to implement the protocol only once while providing support for the numerous different coins without much extra work.
As Syre supports both on-chain and off-chain invoices, the number of usecaes are almost limitless. If one is merely making a p2p transaction between friends, Syre provides Transaction Surety and a great user experience. If one is purchasing a ticket to a large cryptocurrency conference online, Syre also provides Transaction Surety and a far beyond better user experience. Syre invoices can be sent via blockchain, sms, email, or can even be stored and physically passed on offline via usb key. It simply provides a better way to transact with cryptocurrencies compared to systems we have in place today.
To learn more about Syre check out the Whitepaper and the Whiteboard Video. Also feel free to join the Telegram Chanel to ask any questions and chat with others about Syre.
The very first implementation of Syre will be in Tesseract's Wallet on mobile for Ethereum. It is pegged to be implemented by Summer 2019, and shortly after for Cardano.